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EXPIRED LISTING - submitted on 2007-06-23.
Details and prices quoted are no longer current or valid.
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fussing paper for plastisol glossy printing.
fussing papers in bales or cut size of 40''x20'' This paper is used to give glossy finish on plastisol printing of hosiery by heat pressing.

Listing ID: LW749850
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Quantity Units Frequency
100000 MT Monthly
No Price Specified / Current Market Price

NOTE : This is an archived listing and the details of the listing are outdated and no longer valid.
ID TYPE ITEMS ( Found : 19 ) DATE
LA1217115 Available Cotton transfer paper. 2018-05-11 03:05:00
LA1214211 Available Dyes for Kraft papers . 2018-04-02 10:14:00
LW1036706 Wanted 55 to 60 gsm C1s. 2012-12-16 00:35:00
LW1024492 Wanted hand held paper fans with printing. 2012-08-21 18:16:00
LA964959 Available Abrasive grinding wheel for printing rolls. 2011-01-17 10:23:00
LA961243 Available Slot Thermal Tickets. 2010-12-14 00:05:00
LA956459 Available Large Format Solvent Printer. 2010-10-31 21:08:00
LA910661 Available Offset Printing Plate.. 2009-11-12 19:51:00
LA908867 Available Wood Grain Decorative Paper. 2009-11-05 01:53:00
LA765267 Available Slitting rewinding machine. 2007-09-10 04:32:00
LA753588 Available paperstocklot. 2007-07-14 08:55:00
LW749850 Wanted fussing paper for plastisol glossy printing. 2007-06-23 07:32:00
LW747092 Wanted SCHNEIDER or POLAR CUTTER. 2007-06-07 13:23:00
LA713403 Available duplicator ink and master for Riso,Ricoh.... 2007-01-30 00:08:00
LA707842 Available Labels. 2007-01-08 12:47:00
LA687337 Available Baum Folders. 2006-10-05 12:02:00
LW680010 Wanted Papel Quimico Autocopiativo . 2006-08-31 21:44:00
LA653744 Available 1995 MAN ROLAND 705 3B TLV. 2006-04-11 05:36:00
LW644030 Wanted Used uv flexo press. 2006-02-18 23:51:00
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