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International Business Development Services in

International Business Development Services
We Offer For Serious Buyers Only Please 1. We Are Interested In Selling Factories Worldwide To Build Communities With Panelform Building System build 5 To 10 Homes In A Day Earthquake resistance,Low cost housing developments factories..Clients must be financially able to fund the factory,that is the first step, then we know that we are not wasting time. PANELFORM Building System can be used in construction projects of virtually every type around the world, including the following: � Commercial Office Building � Hotel � Custom Design Home � Factory � Nursing Home � Education Institution � Fire Stations � Correctional Facility � Low Cost Housing Project � Sound Barrier Wall � Fire/Privacy/Partition Wall � Condominium Development � Agricultural Buildings (Chicken Barns, Pig Barns) 2. Earthing & Lightning Protection With 150 Employees We Manufacture All Products In House 3. A 4 Paper 70gsm,75gsm & 80gsm From Our Mill In India 4. Manufacture & Supply Complete Range Of Tyres For Cars, Buses, Trucks, Industrial, Agriculture 5,European leaders in the supply and manufacture of commercial catering equipment. from our factory in the UK 6,manufacturing and sales of Surge Protective Device from our factory in china 7,HMS 1 2 for buyer/sellers on mandate to our company IF YOU REQUIRE OR NEED A PRODUCT OR SERVICE FROM AROUND THE GLOBE PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US AND WE WILL SEE WHAT WE CAN DO TO HELP

International Business Development Services
Ilford Essex
United Kingdom

Contact : Atul K Bhatt
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