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Kloster Commercial in

Kloster Commercial
Kloster Commercial
Kloster Commercial Resources provides a wide range of valuation, assessment and consulting services. Our expertise includes:
  • Machinery and Equipment Appraisals
  • Inventory Evaluations
  • Field Inspections and Collateral Surveys
  • Loan Workout and Liquidation Services
  • Phase 1 Environmental Assessments
  • Transaction Screenings
  • Collateral Consulting Services
    We work in a variety of commercial and industrial asset markets including manufacturing plants of all types, printing and graphics, woodworking and lumbering, construction equipment, plastics and rubber, electronics, processing facilities, retail and distribution, transportation and warehousing, food service and other types of general business assets

    Kloster Commercial
    Saint Cloud Minnesota

    Contact : Dennis Strassburg
    For Further Information,

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