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Hempstead Industries, Inc. in

Hempstead Industries, Inc.
Hempstead Industries, Inc.


Hempstead Industries shredding systems are designed to reduce labor and increase safety in plants by eliminating the need to band-saw parts or purgings. These shredders come in sizes ranging from 26' x 27' to 80' x 45: with horsepower from 20 to 300HP in both electric and hydraulic drive systems.

Hempstead Industries has been installing state of the art shredding systems since 1972 in automotive, plastic and many other industries throughout the United States. In recent years we have been dedicated to the plastics industry pre-shredding prior to granulation. This involvement has given us the experience necessary to design and build cost effective, reliable shredding systems.

Hempstead Industries Shredders - Designed Specifically for Plastic Applications

  1. 4140 Hardened Alloy Steel Blades
    Last 4 times longer than single rotor machine knives
  1. Heavy-Duty Construction
    Constructed of precision reinforced and doweled weldments
  1. Rapid Throughput Rate
    Fast-acting blades draws the material in quickly
  1. High Torque Operations
  2. Low RPM cutters produces more power

  1. Space Saving Design
  2. Can easily be stacked over new or existing granulators

  3. Jamb-Fault Protection
  4. Motor overload-auto reverse feature

  5. Easy Clean Cutting Chamber
  6. Easier to clean between color/material changes

Hempstead Industries, Inc.
Troy Michigan

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